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About Jishan Garden

Jishan Garden elevates the dining scene as a contemporary Chinese restaurant spotlighting the culinary gems from China's underexplored regions. Within its walls, you'll find two distinct indoor dining areas, Estella House and the seasonal allure of the Willow Tree Garden outdoors. Our banquet-style menus invite communal dining in an atmosphere both intimate and captivating.

With a commitment to exceptional service and the finest ingredients, we present a modern take on Chinese cuisine and handcrafted traditional desserts rarely seen in Australia. Our culinary creations, from locally sourced produce to the freshest meats and seafood, are prepared daily to guarantee the utmost quality in every dish.

About Our Menu

Exploring the rich tapestry of regional Chinese cuisine, Jishan Garden's menu is a journey through the diverse flavours of Sichuan, Shanghai, and Guangdong. Our dishes, infused with the complex aromas of spices and the varied heat of chillies, offer a blend of health and flavour. Light and refreshing, our desserts and cold dishes, like the blossom peach flower cake and black truffle Wagyu mooncake, promise a delightful end to your meal.

At the heart of our menu lies a commitment to excitement, balance, and the fusion of Oriental tradition with contemporary flair. Jishan Garden has a variety of menu options like A La Carte Dining, Premium Chef's Banquet, Premium Vegan Banquet or Afternoon Tea.

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